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Whenever I'm interested in reading a book I skip to the middle and read a few lines. I like to sample a taste of the author's creativity and savor the energy of their work. I want a glimpse of what I could get into. Zodiac signs are like Spark Notes on someone's personality. I always ask someone their zodiac sign when I first meet them. If I didn't, it's because I already had the intel.  For those thinking zodiac personality traits aren't real or that they apply indiscriminately, you're probably an Aries.

I hope when you research your own sign you have the same experience I did: clarity. Growing up I always felt like a walking contradiction: the muse for Meredith Brooks' “B*tch” and Katy Perry's “Hot and Cold.” Sometimes Kanye and sometimes Mr. Rogers.  A blend of Cardi B and Betty White with a dash of Marilyn Manson. Spend more time with me and expect to see the whole cast of Girl, Interrupted, Hey Arnold, and the Big Bang Theory.

I'm like a little Rubix cube. A mix of colorful, contradictory parts that create a mysterious, chaotic whole. A one-of-a-kind challenge of ups and down, twists and turns to figure out such a seemingly mess of opposing characteristics. But, for some reason, no one has ever compared me to a Rubix cube. Instead, most people presumptively equate me to a Latina Regina George; two-faced, manipulative, and psychologically volatile. Little 'ole me? 😉 I listen with curiosity when people project past Gemini experiences onto me. Because, then again, how many people do you know that can figure out a Rubix cube?

Regardless of popular opinion, I love being a Gemini. We have the talent of Lauryn Hill, the influence of Tupac, the swagger of Prince, the allure of Angelina Jolie, the resilience of Anne Frank, and the innovation of Ryan Coogler. I embrace all parts of being a Gemini- from being loyal to a fault to being a master of communication.

I hope you embrace your zodiac sign, rock your cosmic birth chart, and rep your galactic set. Libra celebrate your charm, Scorpio your loyalty, Aquarius your intellect, Leo your leadership, Taurus your persistence,  Aries your independence, Pisces your compassion, Capricorn your ambition, Virgo your work ethic, Sagittarius your adventure, and Cancer your sensitivity.


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