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I am a loyalty feign.
I give not to receive, but when I receive, I'm hooked.
A fix of faithfulness, a drip of devotion.
The more you supply, the more I come back.

Being loyal is a cultural maxim for Latinos. Loyalty was engrained into our child minds along with superstitions and the ABCs. We are taught to blindly respect elders and esteem the family unit over the individual.

Latinas are supplied a special strain of loyalty. One laced with codependency and with side effects of dissatisfaction and neglect.

Latinas are taught to take up little space. We are taught self-sacrifice before self-care and self-preservation before self-awareness. Callada te ves más bonita.

It has taken me years to unpack loyalty and understand what a healthy expression of it looks like. Like beauty and music, its definition rests in the beholder. This is what loyalty means to me and why I not only need it, but require it from those I give parts of myself to. 

Loyalty is the antidote for isolation.
Loyalty is the venom against bad company.
Loyalty defines family.
Loyalty is not defined by opportunity.
Loyalty can be towards someone's dreams.
Loyalty cannot be towards those unsupportive of your dreams.
Loyalty loves reciprocity.
Loyalty hates dishonesty.
Loyalty breeds real relationships.
Loyalty kills fake friendships.
Loyalty hides secrets.
Loyalty exposes selfishness.
Loyalty is not about comfort zones and convenience.
Loyalty is about breaking bread
when you don't even have a plate to eat off.


Loyalty is my drug of choice.

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